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Auto Tuner - Master OBD & Bench
  • Auto Tuner - Master OBD & Bench


    Ultra-fast, intuitive and powerful ECU flasher tool.

    Single fee package – no additional charges

    Autotuner reads and writes over 3.500 vehicles ECUs via Boot Tricore or OBD socket. New protocols updates are free for lifetime access.

    Entire Hardware/Software solution
    Autotuner is a latest automotive OBD flasher tool generation designed for chiptuning professionals. Whether you already possess a diagnostic tool or not Autotuner design quality and ease of use is made for you.

    First tool designed by chiptuning professionals
    The engineers behind Autotuner research and development possess a deep experience in automotive electronics and engine reprogramming.

    Benefiting such expertise Autotuner offers solutions that meet specific needs of chiptuning professionals.

    New on the market and already turning the remapping tool industry on its head! Here are some of Auto Tuners main advantages:

    1) Future updates are free, no annual subscription payments required.

    2) BMW F & G Series - Fully OBD

    3) VAG FFR / SGO Flasher

    4) Bosch MDG1 in Bench Mode (No ECU Opening)

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